The Motor Yacht Team

Mark Campion
chief executive

Mark Campion - chief executive

Mark followed in his father’s footsteps into the shipping industry and began his career as a shipbroker in London. He soon graduated to a role controlling all sales and purchases for a division of the Blue Funnel shipping line.

He was soon drawn back to Asia where he had spent his early years to work in sales and purchase for a large Hong Kong fleet. He then changed his focus with a move to Ocean Alexander in Taiwan where he held a quality control role in the luxury boat builder’s factory for a decade.

In 2001 Mark entered a partnership to re-establish the Clipper Motor Yachts brand and set up production in a factory in Ningbo, China. Since then he has been responsible for developing new moulds and overseeing quality production to the point of delivery.

Seeing an opportunity to design and build quality bespoke pilot house motor yachts for discerning cruising clients, Mark set up Explorer Motor Yachts in 2012.

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Mark Williamson
naval architect

Mark Williamson - naval architect

A respected naval architect with more than two decades’ experience, particularly in the development of in aluminium and composite structural design, Mark brings his passion for quality engineering to Explorer Motor Yachts.

Australian-born Mark began his career designing composite structures for locally-built motor yachts after completing a degree in engineering specialising in naval architecture in Sydney.

Since then he has worked on design for a wide range of working and pleasure boats ranging from seven metres up to a 82-metre high speed ferry for Austal Ships based in Western Australia.

According to Mark, the success of a quality boat begins with careful design, the ability to select the right hull form for an application, calculating weight, power and seakeeping ability to meet survey requirements.

Mark’s role at Explorer Motor Yachts focuses on gaining the best possible performance below the water line while ensuring that, above the water line, the design provides both efficient and safe movement for the owner and guests on board.

Mr Yu
owner, Fuhua Shipbuilding Yard

Mr Yu - owner, Fuhua Shipbuilding Yard

After working with the Explorer team for more than a decade, Mr Yu now works in close partnership with this quality motor yacht manufacturer.

Pivotal to this successful relationship is his investment in the Fuhua Shipbuilding Yard, where the Explorer range is produced to the highest standards with meticulous attention to detail and rigorous quality control measures.

Together Mr Yu and the team have developed the new range of quality pilot house cruisers while building a solid understanding of world markets, and Mr Yu’s commitment to investing in the latest technology and staff welfare programmes ensure that there is no better place in the world to construct an Explorer.

Kurt Healy
Quality Control Manager

Kurt Healy - Quality Control Manager

Born in South Africa of Irish and Dutch descent, Kurt brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role with Explorer Motor Yachts. Kurt has been involved with the marine industry for the past 20 years in positions as diverse as buyer representative in yacht sales and as a production consultant for new builds and refit projects.

Having worked extensively in boat building facilities in Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand, Kurt is well versed in the art of effective communication across all parties in a build.

His energy and passion is combined with a keen eye for detail, making him a key member of a team whose vision and ambition is to make Explorer motor yachts the finest-built on the market today.

Outside the yard, Kurt loves the ocean and participates regularly in ocean sailing races and motor yacht deliveries. His passion for cooking sees him often in the galley during these voyages.